Tom McGaughey Fire Service Award

The Kansas State Association of Fire Chiefs (KSAFC), the Kansas State Firefighters Association and The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) are charged with officially recognizing and commemorating exemplary accomplishments and acts of heroism by firefighters and other persons at fire-related incidents occurring in Kansas. Your fire department or a fellow firefighter could be recognized for their acts above and beyond their basic duties and responsibilities, and for exemplifying the finest traditions of the fire service.

The Tom McGaughey Fire Service Award is given annually at the KSAFC conference in October to a member or members of the fire services in the State of Kansas of whose bravery and courage went above and beyond the call of duty. The award is named in memory of Wichita Fire Chief Tom McGaughey who perished in a fire, along with three others (Chief Fire Inspector Merle O. Wells, Firefighter Jimmy L. Austin and Firefighter Dale J. Mishler) at the Yingling Auto Dealership on November 21, 1968.)

Please help us recognize these commendable firefighters with a nomination for the Tom McGaughey Fire Service Award. Nominations can be submitted online by using the link below. You may also email Jill Bronaugh the PDF nomination form, along with supporting documents, or mail to: Office of the State Fire Marshal, Attn: Jill Bronaugh, 800 SW Jackson St., Suite 104, Topeka, KS, 66612-1216. 

SPECIAL NOTE: If you do not receive confirmation from our office stating that we have received your submission, please email Jill Bronaugh or call at 785-296-3403. 


Deadline for 2023 Nominations is September 15, 2023

Tom McGaughey Fire Service Award Nomination Form