Kansas Fire Incident Reporting System

U.S. Fire Administration

Kansas Fire Incident Reporting System (KFIRS)

The Kansas Fire Incident Reporting System (KFIRS) is our state's version of the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) used across the United States. Kansas does not maintain a state central repository of reports. Instead, reports submitted to KFIRS are processed directly to NFIRS, meeting both programs at the same time. Statistics and reports are then compiled by collecting information directly from the NFIRS database housed in the National Fire Data Center. The terms NFIRS and KFIRS are used synonymously in Kansas.

KFIRS is an All Incident system designed to portray an accurate picture of what the Fire Service does for the citizens of Kansas, not just fighting fires. Locally, data can be used to implement public education programs, accurately explain equipment needs for departments, determine standards of cover information and watch/identify trends to include arsonists. After identifying problems, a prevention program can be developed and utilized. Many prevention programs rely on up-to-date reporting to aid public safety. This information is so valuable most grants require departments to be compliant with NFIRS before grant money will be awarded.

NFIRS Data via Tableau