Will Compliance Engine be offering training for Inspectors?

When an inspector registers with Compliance Engine, they will be able to sign up for a training webinar. Compliance Engine will offer complimentary training on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on the Compliance Engine website. The inspector can sign up for the date/time that works best for their schedule. The training will be a live webinar, so they can ask any questions they may have. To sign up for training, click on the ‘training’ link on the main Compliance Engine website.  It will ask for some basic information and then choose a date/time. After signing up, they will receive an email with the webinar link.

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1. Why are contractors, mechanics, and inspectors now being required to become Licensed?
2. Does the office of the state fire marshal have adopted Rules and Regulations for the Elevator Safety Act?
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11. Will Compliance Engine be offering training for Inspectors?
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