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Fireworks Industry
Fireworks Industry, Latest in Fireworks Be Safe, Not Sorry with Fireworks Jun 15, 2016, Fireworks Stand Regulations and Safety Tips Jun 26, 2015 Fireworks Facts for the Fourth, Safe With Fireworks this July 4th Jun 28, 2013 Tips for Safe Use of Fireworks May 15
Fireworks Safety
Fireworks Safety, Fireworks Safety We would like to remind Kansans of the importance of fireworks safety this Independence Day. Fireworks are dangerous to both adults and children if not handled properly. Out of 207 reported fireworks-related injuries in Kansas in 2018, males between the ages of 9 and 34 were the most commonly injured demographic, according to the 2018 Kansas Fireworks Injury, of Kansas, said. “We know the safest way to enjoy fireworks is to visit public fireworks displays
Fireworks Permits
Fireworks Permits, Fireworks Permits In partnership with the Kansas Fireworks Association, a bill was passed through the state legislature that created several new fireworks permits. Download all, Permit 4 years Manufacturer Permit 1 year Fireworks Storage Permit 4 years Permit to, p.m. fire, marshal, explosive, fireworks, kansas, investigation
Fireworks Injury Report
Fireworks Injury Report, . Assisting Fireworks Operator/Shooter3. Bystander Watching Fireworks4. Uninvolved If Injured, Fireworks Injury Report DIRECTIONS: Complete one report for each fireworks-related injury treated by your facility - either with the downloadable survey or online form below. Thank you in advance for your participation. Fireworks, Candle5. Smoke Bombs6. Mortars/Artillery7. Public Fireworks Display8. Unknown9. Other (specify below)10
Fireworks FAQs
Fireworks FAQs, Fireworks FAQs When can I shoot consumer fireworks? The Kansas State Fire Marshal’s Office does not regulate when consumer fireworks can be discharged. This is left up to the local authority. What fireworks are illegal? Pursuant to K.S.A. 31-155, bottle rockets are illegal in the state of Kansas I want to … ? Make my own fireworks You will need to apply for a hobbyist manufacturer permit Shoot display fireworks You will need to apply for a display
Fireworks Fires
Fireworks Fires,  Fireworks Vegetation Fires- Non Arson KANSAS FIRE INCIDENT REPORTING SYSTEM (KFIRS) Module, reported as 21- Fireworks. • Type of Right-of-Way is completed for fires starting within 99ft of, structure fire information. Fireworks Building Fires KANSAS FIRE INCIDENT REPORTING SYSTEM (KFIRS, These directions detail reporting non-Arson Fireworks Fires that start in/on the building and are not, . • Complete Block D using 54-Fireworks as the Heat Source. Item First Ignited will be what the Fireworks set
Tips for Safe Use of Fireworks
Tips for Safe Use of Fireworks, Fireworks Safety Tips Always read and follow label instructions. Always purchase high quality fireworks from a reliable, legitimate source. Alcohol and fireworks do not mix. Have a “designated shooter.” Never give fireworks to small children. Adults should always supervise use of fireworks by older children. Always wear eye protection when lighting fireworks. Never ignite fireworks indoors. Make sure your outdoor area is safe for firework use. Never point or throw fireworks at
Be Safe, Not Sorry with Fireworks
Be Safe, Not Sorry with Fireworks, of fireworks celebrations as we enjoy Fourth of July festivities with our friends and families. While fireworks are used as part of the holiday celebration, it is important to remember that fireworks can be dangerous if not handled properly. Fireworks-related injuries dropped from 161 in 2014 to, 70% of cases in which the injured party was lighting or operating fireworks, while injuries to the, fireworks can be a thrill, they can also cause serious injuries and fires if not handled properly
Be Safe With Fireworks this July 4th
Be Safe With Fireworks this July 4th, fireworks will be a major part of that celebration. The Office of the State Fire Marshal reminds Kansans that when lighting fireworks, they are playing with a type of explosive and there is no such thing as totally safe fireworks. “Fireworks are comprised of dangerous chemicals and combustibles, fireworks-related injuries in Kansas. Damage to personal and commercial property is another hazard of shooting fireworks. In 2011, there were 26 structure fires, 10 vehicle fires and 199
2018 Fireworks Injury Memo
2018 Fireworks Injury Memo, Administrators Emergency Room Personnel FROM Investigation Division SUBJECT Hospital Reporting of Fireworks, participate in completing a Fireworks Injury Survey. This data collection helps our office identify specific problems with fireworks and enables us to initiate efforts to decrease the number and severity of injuries and lives lost within Kansas due to fireworks. Please read the survey carefully and, any fireworks-related injuries, please check the “No Injuries” block at the bottom of the survey