Seasonal Fireworks Retailer FAQ

I would like to open a fireworks retail stand this season. What do I need to do?

The OSFM does not issue permits fo retail stands. This is left up to the local jurisdiction. To be in compliance with state law you need the following:

  1. You need to purchase your fireworks from a distributor who holds a Kansas permit. The distributor should be able to provide you with their permit number
  2. An inventory at each retail stand showing what you started off with and the distributor with a Kansas permit from whom it was purchased.
  3. We have adopted NFPA 1124 which deals with the technical aspects of the retail stands. You can get your own copy directly from NFPA at


When can I sell from my retail stand?

  • June 27th – July 5th


Do I need a distributor permit?

  • The average retail stand that is purchasing fireworks from a distributor and only selling to the public during the week of June 27 – July 5th does not need a distributor. However, if at any point you sell fireworks to another stand or purchase them on their behalf and then distribute to that stand, yes you will.


We purchase our fireworks directly from China to sell at our seasonal stands. Do I need a distributor permit?

  • No. Assuming that you are not selling to anyone else and the fireworks are strictly for retail sale then you will not need one. You will however need to keep copies of invoices for the fireworks at the stands to show where they came from.


Can you provide me with a list of retail stands in Kansas?

  • No. Because permit distribution is left up to the local authority, you will need to contact them to get a list.