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Fire Prevention

School InspectionThe Prevention Division works to reduce the potential impact of fire and explosion hazards where people live, work, and congregate. This team focuses on inspecting facilities which pose distinct fire hazards and where the potential loss of life from fire is very high.

The division is also responsible for the promotion of fire safety and the education of building owners, operators, and occupants, and the general public. Both office and field personnel are active educators, presenting a variety of program topics across the state of Kansas.

Our office even employs a dedicated Education Consultant to work with local fire and law enforcement jurisdictions, helping to educate kids on fire safety and prevent them from starting fires.

What's New

UPDATE: Important Update to OSFM Inspection Cycle

OSFM Prevention | Jan 09, 2017

With the increased amount of inspections being returned to OSFM from local jurisdictions, OSFM has made the decision to change the inspection cycle for certain types of facilities (listed below).

Due to OSFM not being able to obtain additional staffing approval from the legislature we have no other option than to change the inspection cycle to keep up with the demand. The change in the inspection cycle will result in certain occupancies being put on an 18-month cycle. There are certain types of facilities that we will not be changing due to our statutory requirement.

The following are the occupancies that will be put on the 18-month cycle:

  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Assembly – Eating/Drinking Places
  • Educational – Licensed Preschools/Head Start Programs (unless associated with a USD)
  • Educational – Licensed Day Programs/Head Start Programs
  • Educational – Child Care Centers
  • Jails – Correctional/Detention Facilities (DOC staying 12 month cycle)
  • Home Plus/Residential Boards and Car Facilities (Large & Small) – JJA
  • Room/Board/Lodging House/ Hotels/ Motels/ Dorms < 15 (Dorms for colleges staying 12 month)
  • Hotels/Motels/Inns/Lodges/Dorms > 16 (Dorms for colleges staying 12 month)
  • Home Plus/Residential Board and Care Facilities (Large & Small) </= 16 beds
  • Foster Care
  • Behavioral Health
  • LP Cabinets – Public Exchange Cabinet
  • LP Propane Bulk Storage Facility
  • LP Bottle Fill – Forklift/Grill/Agriculture/ect.
  • LP Motor Vehicle Fill – Public Vehicle Fill (Verify with office)
  • LP RV/Camper Bottle Fill – Public RV/Camper Fill
  • Bulk Fuel Facilities – Vehicle Fuels (30K)
  • Attended/Unattended Cardtrol/Service Station/Gas Station/Convenience Store  

Local Jurisdiction can opt to stay on an annual cycle if you choose to. Educational facilities and healthcare facilities will remain on their normal 12 month cycle.


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