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School InspectionThe Prevention Division works to reduce the potential impact of fire and explosion hazards where people live, work, and congregate. This team focuses on inspecting facilities which pose distinct fire hazards and where the potential loss of life from fire is very high.

The division is also responsible for the promotion of fire safety and the education of building owners, operators, and occupants, and the general public. Both office and field personnel are active educators, presenting a variety of program topics across the state of Kansas.

Our office even employs a dedicated Education Consultant to work with local fire and law enforcement jurisdictions, helping to educate kids on fire safety and prevent them from starting fires.

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Winter 2015 Prevention Highlights

Mende Barnett | Jan 21, 2015

Prevention Highlights - Winter 2015
The Winter 2015 edition of Prevention Highlights has been published and is now available on our Newsletters page

Articles in this issue:

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Fire Safety Poster Winners
Home Fire Story
Sensitivity Testing
Fire Rated Doors
Busy Boilers
Spot the Violation
Taylor Your Home
Manual Fire Alarm Box
What Are You Doing?

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