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School InspectionThe Prevention Division works to reduce the potential impact of fire and explosion hazards where people live, work, and congregate. This team focuses on inspecting facilities which pose distinct fire hazards and where the potential loss of life from fire is very high.

The division is also responsible for the promotion of fire safety and the education of building owners, operators, and occupants, and the general public. Both office and field personnel are active educators, presenting a variety of program topics across the state of Kansas.

Our office even employs a dedicated Education Consultant to work with local fire and law enforcement jurisdictions, helping to educate kids on fire safety and prevent them from starting fires.

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OSFM Inspections and Creating a Plan of Corrective Response

Barbara Sumpter | Jul 08, 2013

At the conclusion of an Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) inspection, the OSFM inspector will provide every facility with a Violation Notice containing a list of deficiencies found during their inspection, even if no deficiencies are found during the inspection process.  Now, it’s the facility’s responsibility to complete a plan of correction response for the deficiencies cited and submit it to the OSFM for review and acceptance.  However, some facilities are not quite sure of the exact process required for submitting their plan of correction response.

One thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t matter if OSFM conducts a Federal Life Safety Code survey at a Hospital, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Long Term Care Unit, Nursing Facility, or Immediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded; or if they conduct a State Routine inspection at a School, Childcare Center, Residential Board and Care, Propane facility, or Hotel/Motel; all facility/occupancy types are required to submit their plan of correction response to the OSFM within 10 calendar days from the date of inspection. 

Some facilities cannot correct a deficiency within the required time-frame due to correction of some deficiencies cited may require getting bids, possible remodel, replacement of equipment, etc.  In this case, a waiver request must be submitted requesting additional time to correct.  It should be noted, however; that the waiver request form must be submitted to OSFM along with the initial plan of correction response (within 10 calendar days of the date of inspection).  All plan of correction responses can be submitted to OSFM by either:  email; fax; or US Mail.

Again, at the conclusion of the OSFM inspection at any occupancy type, the OSFM inspector will review any and all deficiencies observed during their inspection process, they will provide you with your violation notice, and also separate paperwork entitled “How to Submit a Plan of Correction”.  This paperwork gives specific instructions for submitting a plan of correction response, as well as instructions on how to complete and submit a waiver request form. 

If a facility has any questions on the process, they can always contact the OSFM Topeka office at 785-296-3401 and ask to speak with an Enforcement Inspector.


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