OSFM publishes 2013 edition of Kansas Buildings Fire Safety Handbook

OSFM Prevention Division | Sep 03, 2013
The Office of the State Fire Marshal has published the 2013 issue of the Kansas Buildings Fire Safety Handbook.

The Kansas Buildings Fire Safety Handbook (KBFSH) acts as a sort of safety net: it combines many basic tenets of fire protection and building safety and is the minimum acceptable level of fire safety in all buildings other than one- and two-family dwellings across Kansas. By state law, existing buildings do not have to be upgraded or retrofitted to meet the requirements of newly adopted codes.

The inspection checklists are set up using the ENDSS Protocol. ENDSS stands for Exiting, Notification, Detection, Separation, and Suppression and is a method of prioritizing safety features within a building. Using this protocol, exiting is considered the single most important feature to a building’s safety, followed by notification, detection, and so on.

The KBFSH does not contain information for every type of facility. For example, the criteria for hospitals and nursing homes are not found in this handbook. This is because of a contractual agreement between these facilities and the federal government, which requires hospitals and nursing homes to abide by a much more stringent standard than that required by Kansas law.

The handbook may be downloaded from the Facility Inspection page on the OSFM website.