Fireworks Safety

The Office of the State Fire Marshal with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Safe Kids Kansas remind Kansans of the importance of safety around fireworks. Fireworks can be dangerous to both adults and children if not handled properly.  

According to the Kansas Syndromic Surveillance Program, in 2016 there were 144 reported fireworks-related injuries.  Injuries to hands were involved in 40 percent of incidents and 27 percent involved injuries to the eyes, face and head. 

“While shooting your own fireworks can be a thrill, they can also cause serious injuries and fires if not handled properly,” says Doug Jorgensen, Fire Marshal for the State of Kansas. “The safest approach to enjoying fireworks is to visit public fireworks displays conducted by trained professionals who know how to properly handle fireworks. We want all our Kansas kids to enjoy this Summer’s fun and festivities as safely as possible.”

Fireworks Safety Tips

To help the public celebrate safely, the Office of the State Fire Marshal offers the following tips for the safe use of fireworks:

Fireworks safety- Always purchase high quality fireworks from reliable and legitimate sources

- Always read and follow label directions

- Have an adult supervise all fireworks activities

- Always ignite fireworks outdoors

- Have water nearby

- Never experiment or attempt to make your own fireworks

- Light only one firework at a time

- Never re-ignite malfunctioning fireworks

- Never give fireworks to small children

- Store fireworks in a cool, dry place

- Dispose of fireworks properly

- Never throw fireworks at another person

- Never carry fireworks in your pocket

- Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers

In addition, bottle rockets and M80s are dangerous and illegal in the state of Kansas. The use or sale of these banned fireworks is considered a crime under Kansas law.


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