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First, we’d like to say THANK YOU for taking an interest in Fire Safety!

All of this information has been complied to help educate parents about personal and home fire safety to keep you and your children safe. 

Please remember the two most important things you can do for yourself and your family:

  1. Install and Test Smoke Alarms
  2. Practice a Family Escape Plan

Studies throughout the years have proven - smoke alarms save lives

a picture of a smoke detectorRoughly 70% of home fire deaths result from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms. Homes with smoke alarms (whether or not they are operational) typically have a death rate that is 40-50% less than the rate for homes without alarms. A 2008 survey found that 96% of the households surveyed had at least one smoke alarm. In one-quarter of the reported fires in homes equipped with smoke alarms, the devices did not work. Households with non-working smoke alarms now outnumber those with no smoke alarms. When smoke alarms fail, it is most often because of missing, disconnected or dead batteries.

Having a Family Escape Plan is essential

Home Fire Safety PlanA recent survey showed that 30% of American household estimated that they would have at least 6 minutes before a fire in their home would become life-threatening. In actuality, the time available for safe escape is often much less. It’s critical for household to establish and regularly practice a fire escape plan so that everyone remembers what to do in case of an emergency.

Fun Stuff for Kids

Blaze the fire dogHi, Kids! Explore the activities on this page and learn all about ways to keep safe!

Click on the documents below for lots of fun things to do.

If you learn a lot, take our Junior Fire Marshal quiz and send it in to our office to receive a Junior Fire Marshal Certificate! Mail the quiz to:

Office of the State Fire Marshal
800 SW Jackson St., Suite 104
Topeka, KS  66612

Fun things to do

Resources you can order

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Get to know EDITH DVD – Rental – Grades 2-3

get to know edith DVDE.D.I.T.H. -- Exit Drills In The Home. The video tells the engaging story of a group of friends who witness a fire on their way home from school. After learning that everyone got out safely because they practiced their escape plan, they decide to work with Sparky to make their own video showing how a typical family can protect themselves by making and practicing EDITH. Designed to appeal to "older" Sparky fans who have basic reading abilities, the DVD supports language arts curriculum areas such as research and writing, and will encourage children to participate in those activities just like the kids in the video. A Presenter's Guide with supplemental print materials for classroom or take-home use are included on the DVD.

Various fun items

Plastic fire hats, erasers, stickers, and pencils are a big hit with young children. These items are considered “ice breakers” and possess little or no educational value. A limited supply will be obtained and distributed when funds are available. When available, these items will be supplied along with your request for any of the above (Items 1-5) materials.


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