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Press Releases

Kansas Search and Rescue Update

User Not Found | Aug 17, 2016

Since taking over the Search & Rescue program in Kansas, the OSFM has been busy providing training for members of the Kansas Search & Rescue Response System. 

Most recently, the OSFM conducted its first Structural Collapse Technician (SCT) course at Crisis City, outside of Salina.  The intensive 80-hour course was held May 10-17 and provided advanced training for 25 rescue technicians from across the state, as well as two members of the Kansas National Guard’s 73rd Civil Support Team in Topeka.

The SCT class, one of the many requirements for rescue technicians participating in the state’s Search & Rescue Response System, provided students with the opportunity to learn and practice skills necessary for response to a tornado, building collapse, or other large scale disaster. 

search and rescue 3 - web rotatorRescuers spent seven days learning how to search for and gain access to victims trapped by a building collapse, and then how to safely extricate them. In addition to learning about building construction and the hazards associated with a collapse, students learned how to use acoustical listening devices and search cameras to pinpoint the location of a victim in a collapsed structure; how to utilize wood and other specialized equipment to stabilize that structure; and how to safely make entry into the structure by cutting and breaching concrete, steel, and other building components. 

Students also learned how to move heavy objects, through more primitive means such as levers and rollers, and by using heavy equipment, such as air bags, hydraulic tools, and a 35 ton crane.

The class culminated with a day of practical evolutions designed not only to test the student’s skills, but to assess their ability to work together as a team to locate and extricate multiple trapped victims. 

The OSFM currently has a second SCT class scheduled for August at Crisis City.  For more information, contact Randy Hill at