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The Miracle of Fire Safety Inspections

User Not Found | Jan 20, 2016

The Miracle of Fire Safety InspectionsA major responsibility of the Office of the State Fire Marshal is fire prevention. One of the most important functions of our office to reduce the number of fires is by conducting fire safety inspections.

Our goal with these inspections is simple: to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and the amount of property loss caused by fire.

Through the inspection process, we identify problem areas as set by federal and state regulations, National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety Code, Uniform International Building Code and Uniform International Fire Code. By working with facility managers and business owners to identify potential fire risks and fixing those problems, if a fire were to occur, damage should be limited as much as possible and firefighters will be able to operate efficiently and safely.

Practicing fire prevention and addressing fire hazards is a great investment!

fire inspectionOur inspectors, located throughout the state, conduct these annual inspections in schools, preschools, home daycares, colleges, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and many other facilities where people live or congregate. Altogether, our inspectors annually conduct inspections in over 7,000 facilities across the state!

We also work with many fire departments who wish to conduct their own fire safety inspections in their own jurisdictions (they must be in a city classified as 1st or 2nd class city to conduct their own). When we add to our total the number of inspections conducted by local fire departments, the total of facilities inspected is over 8,500!

After the inspection, our inspector provides the facility manager or business owner with a report of any violations found. Violations must be addressed immediately.

With the exception of serious life safety violations, which should be addressed immediately, those who have received inspection reports must provide our office with a Plan of Correction addressing all violations cited during our inspection.

Those who are facing a pending inspection shouldn’t be intimidated or afraid of the process. Our goals are the same – to provide the safest environment for Kansans to live and congregate.

A free brochure, “What to expect when you’re inspected”, is available upon request. Or, the information can be found in the Facility Inspection section of our website.