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Press Releases

9 Top Tips for Home Fire Safety

OSFM | Aug 19, 2015

Home Fire Safety Plan1. Check your Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Working alarms reduce chances of dying by nearly 50%. Test monthly, 10 lithium batteries reduce battery changes or inoperative detectors, place smoke alarms in each bedroom, smoke & carbon monoxide outside each sleeping area, & every level of your home. 

2. Create a Home Fire Safety Plan: Preparedness is Key! Develop, discuss and practice it together for evacuation, post it somewhere conspicuous, post emergency numbers 9-1-1 and contact list. Always have 2 ways out!

3. Teach how to respond to smoke alarms, G-E-T low and G-E-T out! 

4. Talk to your children about the dangers of matches, lighters, and candles. Blow out candles when leaving the room or going to sleep.

5. Maintain fire extinguishers on every level of home!

6. Never leave food unattended while cooking and turn off burners when done!

7. Electrical Safety: Cover unused outlets with plugs, keep fixtures and bulbs away from flammable items, check electrical cord regularly don’t use extension cords for permanent use.

8. Grilling and Outdoors Fires: Keep away from combustibles, maintain a 3-foot safe zone around it, always keep attended, clean grill after use, place coals in metal container once cooled, and make sure campfires are out completely!

9. Burning: Check with local jurisdiction, have a permit, watch weather/wind conditions, never leave unattended, maintain proper equipment to control.