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Press Releases

Blaze starts blogging about fire safety for kids on blog

OSFM | Apr 03, 2015

Blaze, the fire dog mascot for the Office of the State Fire Marshal, has much to howl about when it comes to fire safety – especially for kids. To help the kids of Kansas, plus parents and teachers, better understand the importance of fire safety and to always have a resource for information on how to fireproof homes and schools, Blaze has started his own “Paws for Prevention” blog.

Blaze the fire dog with a blogBlaze, tired of chasing his own tail when it comes to helping Kansans understand how to keep themselves safe from the dangers of fire, decided to be a “Fire Dog with a Blog” in order to:

  • Provide fun and readable information to children, plus activities that would promote fire safety
  • Reach teachers, school administrators and childcare centers to help promote fire safety to students
  • Communicate with fire departments across the state to help them promote safety in their communities

Blaze also will attend events around the state to promote a fire-proof Kansas and encourage kids to know how to quickly escape a building that is on fire. He will also promote the importance of never playing with fire, how to be safe with fireworks and campfires, and why kids should never cook without an adult present.

Check out Blaze’s blog at