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Press Releases

Office of the State Fire Marshal Announces Temporary Rules & Regulations for the Explosives Industry in Kansas

User Not Found | Jun 28, 2013

The Office of the State Fire Marshal is pleased to announce the adoption of temporary rules and regulations which will restore the agency’s oversight and ability to regulate the Explosive industry in Kansas. These temporary rules and regulations will be in place until the state legislature adopts permanent rules and regulations during the next legislative session.

A past clerical error removed most State Fire Marshal rules and regulations pertaining to the explosive industry and, therefore, the OSFM did not have statutory authority to issue user or blaster permits. As of March 7, 2013, the OSFM discontinued issuing user or blaster permits for the explosive industry and announced that state user permits would no longer be required in order to obtain an explosives storage permit.

With the need to know where and when all explosives in the state are being made, sold, used, and stored, the office of the Kansas Attorney General advised that the most prudent way to correct the oversight would be to adopt new temporary rules and regulations until permanent rules and regulations could be adopted through the official state process.

“I believe that in the current times we live in, these temporary and future permanent rules and regulations are critical to the safety of those not only in the industry but to the citizens of Kansas and the country,” said Doug Jorgensen, State Fire Marshal.

The permanent rules and regulations have been approved by the Department of Administration and the Attorney General’s Office and are scheduled for a public hearing on September 11, 2013.  These rules and regulations will provide the OSFM and the industry a better picture of how many manufacturers, users (distributors, wholesalers), blasters, and storage sites are actually operating in the state. Current records show that there may be as many as three manufacturers, 178 users, 1,412 blasters, and 201 storage sites operating in the state.