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Agreement Form (MS Word document)
Entry Form (MS Word document)
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2013-2014 Fires in Kansas (Excel Spreadsheet)
KFIRS Annual Report (PDF)

Visualize Kansas Fire Safety

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2014 Winning Entry and Example Graphics

Winning entry winner Get a real ash tray Minimum Elements good_infodesign_550

Click on the link below to view Isaiah's amazing infographic...

VISUALIZE: A Data Visualization Contest

Challenge: For our second year of this contest we have shaken things up. This year, we’re accepting any form of graphic visualization related to Fire Safety. We’re still requiring that you use data from the Kansas Fire Incident Reporting System (KFIRS) but we also did work for you to give you a great starting place. Instead of just giving you raw records, we compiled numbers from the dataset for you on a variety of topics. You can also look through the 2014 KFIRS Annual Report to get more numbers you can use for your graphic. This is your chance to go behind the scenes of Fire Safety and create your own message for the Public. Can you visualize a fireproof Kansas?

Innovative topics and conclusions are encouraged. This is your chance to go beyond the statistics you’ve seen. Forge your own path into Fire Safety. In addition to $200, $100, and $50 for first, second, and third place respectively, winners may be featured on the OSFM website, receive a certificate, and letter for professional portfolio.

Entries were disqualified last year for not following all the rules so read this page carefully.

Participant Eligibility

  • Must be a Kansas resident currently enrolled in a post-secondary education institute. Online classes qualify.
  • Grant the Office of the State Fire Marshal royalty-free use, copying, and publication of entries.
  • May be asked to provide a copy of a government issued ID.
  • Must create something new. No copyright material allowed.
  • All entries are blind-judged. Names and schools are hidden of participants.

You may (and are encouraged to) ask for clarification from the KFIRS Program Manager at the Office of the State Fire Marshal via email at We welcome questions about the data and fire safety.

Entry Requirements

  • Must use data from the Kansas Fire Incident Reporting System (KFIRS). Find the dataset in Excel format at the upper-left of this page.
  • May use additional data sources but must include citation of sources directly on graphic.
  • Must be relevant to Fire Safety but the topic, title, and design are at the creative license of the participant.
  • Must be submitted in .jpeg or .pdf format.
  • Should include the following sentence: “Created by [student] for Visualize Kansas Fire Safety, 2015 sponsored by the Kansas Office of the State Fire Marshal.”
  • Not permitted to include vulgarity, profanity, or copyright images.
  • Must include the Entry Form, copies of participant student ID, and signed contest Agreement Form. 
  • Must be submitted to by 8 a.m. on December 1, 2015. Signed agreement forms and student ID may be scanned and emailed with the graphic or faxed to 785-368-6559. Do not fax the graphic.
  • Any electronic graphic format of data visualization is allowed. Look over the examples provided on this page.



  • Fire Safety is a broad topic. Attempting to address the topic as a whole will prove difficult and create a that is overly complicated and unclear. Focus on a specific question or problem.
  • Think about including a Call to Action for your audience. Are there variables your audience can control, prepare for, and/or influence?
  • Graphics must have four characteristics: Integrity, Form, Function and "be interesting." Themes, colors, and layout should be consistent, and the graphic must be easily comprehended. Incorrect information disqualifies an entry entirely.
  • and are free websites for additional data sources. Pairing datasets can often provide better insight into problems.