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2022 HazMat Symposium Registration Form

  1. November 14-16, 2022

    Location: Wichita Fire Department Regional Training Center

    Contact: McKinsey Moody, Phone: (785) 291-0154, Fax: (785) 368-6559

    • Registrations will be taken up to, and on, the first day of the symposium.
    • Please specify which track you are interested in attending. You are not obligated to take the selected track, but it will help with estimating attendance.
    • If you are a HazMat Team Member, OSFM will reserve and pay for you accommodations at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Wichita. We have 24 rooms reserved and will need your request/registration before Nov. 9.
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  3. If yes, will you need accommodation at the Drury Plaza Hotel?
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