Fire Extinguishers

Firms that service, inspect, or install fire extinguishers or fixed extinguishing systems are required to be certified by the State Fire Marshal in accordance with K.S.A. 31-133a. Article 10 (PDF) of the Kansas Fire Marshal Administrative Regulations (K.A.R. 22-10-1 through 22-10-19) applies to the servicing firms for certification, compliance and consumer protection. Access the application to register as a certified firm (PDF).

  1. Classes of Certifications
  2. Certification Procedures
  3. Insurance Coverage
  4. Renewing Your Certification
  5. FAQs

There are four classes of certifications.

Permits servicing, recharging, installing, or inspecting fixed extinguishing systems by a currently certified manufacturer's distributor
Permits servicing, recharging, installing, or inspecting portable fire extinguishers
Permits hydrostatic testing of non-dot cylinders, including wet chemical or dry chemical containers
Permits servicing, recharging, and inspecting fixed extinguishing systems