Jill Bronaugh
Public Information Manager
Office of the State Fire Marshal
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State Fire Marshal policy now better enables non-profits to cash in on fireworks

OSFM Public Information | Mar 30, 2017

Until now, in order for an organization to generate fund-raising revenue through fireworks sales, they were required to operate a licensed fireworks stand. This requirement prevented many organizations from selling fireworks because of the cost and manpower requirements of operating a fireworks stand. As of today, organizations can now take pre-orders of fireworks as a fundraiser as long as the pickup of the fireworks by the individual purchaser and not the fund raising group, occurs during the retail fireworks season of June 27 through July 5 as established by K.A.R. 22-6-5 or within the sale dates established by local ordinances.

Any organization considering taking advantage of this policy must order and purchase fireworks from a licensed Kansas retailer and orders will be picked up by the individual purchaser at the location of the participating retailer. For example, a softball team secures a discount arrangement with a local licensed retailer and puts together a flyer. They take orders for fireworks from their friends, family and neighbors, collect the payment and submit the order forms to the retailer to fulfill. The customers can then pick up the fireworks at the retailer’s fireworks stand anytime during the approved state or local municipality sale dates. No fireworks will be delivered.

Organizations considering fireworks as a fund-raiser should be aware there are numerous state, county and city rules and regulations governing the use, sale, storage and transportation of fireworks. The city and county ordinances can be more restrictive than state rules and regulations. This new policy amendment does not override any current state, city, or county statutes, rules, regulations or ordinances. Organizations should check with their local government authorities on rules that apply to their area.

The policy statement says “Policy statements cannot bind members of the public or employees of other municipal or state agencies. As a result, this interpretation of law does not allow the sale of fireworks in cities, counties, or other areas where the sale of fireworks is currently prohibited.”

The full “Policy Statement & Interpretation of Law” is available to be viewed in the Fireworks section of the agency’s website,