Office of the State Fire Marshal
RE: Fire Safety Poster Contest
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Topeka, KS 66612-1216

Kelly Ingold

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Fire Safety Poster Contest

2017 Poster Contest Winners

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andigrableK Ellagrable1 nicolewissler2 blairebeougher3 masonholmes4 emilybritt5 callieandersonK sophiaibarra1 edgarromo-retana2 sarapando3 haileynolan4 siennadefrain5


  • Andi Grable, Kindergarten, Troy Grade School, Troy, Kansas
  • Ella Grable, 1st Grade, Troy Grade School, Troy, Kansas
  • Nicole Wissler, 2nd Grade, Troy Grade School, Troy, Kansas
  • Blaire Beougher, 3rd Grade, Stockton Grade School, Stockton, Kansas
  • Mason Holmes, 4th Grade, Northeast Elementary School, Arma, Kansas
  • Emily Britt, 5th Grade, Central Junior High School, Columbus, Kansas

Honorable Mentions

  • Callie Anderson, Kindergarten, Kinsley-Offerle Elementary School, Offerle, Kansas
  • Sophia Ibarra, 1st Grade, Jennie Wilson Elementary School, Garden City, Kansas
  • Edgar Romo-Retana, 2nd Grade, Jennie Wilson elementary School, Garden City, Kansas
  • Sara Pando, 3rd Grade, Greeley County Elementary School, Tribune, Kansas
  • Hailey Nolan, 4th Grade, Greeley County Elementary School, Tribune, Kansas
  • Sienna DeFrain, 5th Grade, Pretty Prairie Middle School, Pretty Prairie, Kansas
Winners and Honorable Mentions are featured in the annual Fire Safety Calendar.

2017 Fire Safety Poster Contest

Poster contest poster 2017

Poster Requirements

  • Poster is LABELED ON THE BACK with the student’s (1) name, (2) grade, (3) school name and address, (4) teacher’s name and email, (5) parent/guardian's name and email, and (7) Fire Department name, contact and email. 
  • Poster must include ORIGINAL STUDENT ARTWORK ONLY. Do not use replicas of copyrighted or registered characters or logos, or software clip art.
  • Poster must be 11” wide by 8½” tall (standard copy paper size) LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION. Manila or white drawing paper may be used.
  • All words should be spelled correctly and readable at a distance.
  • All posters must be done by an individual. Joint work is not allowed.
  • See Poster Contest Form for more details.